NECA: Pacific Rim Reissues, 18-inch Cherno, and Scunner!

It seems Pacific Rim is becoming a ver prolific line for NECA, and thus today we’ve been bombarded with a handful of new announcements.  So let’s get right to it:


[h2]Crimson Typhoon and Striker Eureka Reissues:[/h2]

The two “hardest to get” 7″ Jaegers will see rerelease this June.  Crimson Typhoon (from the first wave) and Striker Eureka (from wave two) will be rereleased in specifically marked reissue packaging to give collectors another chance at the two.  This is a nice gesture to people who just got into the line at series three because these two figures will not get redone unlike Gipsy Danger.  And while I saw Crimson at retail, once the movie hit he was gone.  I’ve never seen a Striker Eureka in real life.


[h2]18″ Cherno Alpha First Picture Revealed:[/h2]

We knew he was coming from Toy Fair coverage, but now we get to see the first work-in-progress shot of the gigantic Soviet Jaeger!  Cherno will have LED lights and around twenty points of articulation.  If you have the 7″ version that just came out you should know it’s a great figure.  Very excited to see how the 18″ version turns out.



And our first look at the fourth series’ Kaiju.  Scunner is a category four Kaiju who attempts to protect the breach at the film’s end when Gipsy attempt to destroy it.  He shares a similar body to Knifehead, Trespasser, and the upcoming concept planned “Axehead” that should accompany him in the fourth wave. (Correction: I’m told Scunner is being solicited as a case of six so he will probably be the only Kaiju in his wave)  From the picture it looks like his head is in the swimming position.  I hope they give him a little more neck mobility than Knifehead so he can switch from swimming to walking.

If you are looking to get some of the newest Pacific Rim figures, I was made aware Amazon still has Coyote Tango, Trespasser, and Knifehead.  All are retail priced and Prime eligible.   Sorry, Cherno Alpha appears to have sold out, so he’s a little more expensive.

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