Takara: Transformers MP-21 Bumblebee

Takara has moved past the silhoute stage for their Masterpiece Bumblebee and have now shown the full package!

MP-21 Bumblebee will come with Spike in his transforming exosuit.  He looks to also have removable face plates, and as I mentioned in my G2 Sideswipe review, I welcome the ability to swap heads … or in this case faces are fine too!  Bumblebee looks incredible, and is just another great release in a very strong Masterpiece lineup for 2014.  Bumblebee is expected to ship around November 2014, so the current schedule looks something like this:

February 2014 – MP-12G Lambor (G2 Sideswipe)
March 2014 – MP-13B Soundblaster (with Ratbat cassette)
August 2014 – MP-22 Ultra Magnus (“Perfect Edition” with Trailer)
October 2014 – MP-20 Wheeljack
November 2014 – MP-21 Bumblebee

As always these are projected release dates so they may change.  We also haven’t heard much about the MP-22 Ultra Magnus and the import shops don’t even have him listed yet, so I am sceptical of the August release date.

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