3A: TF2 Mann vs Machine Robot Pyro Prices and Update!

It looks as though the pre-sale for 3A’s Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine Robot Pyro will be happening VERY soon!  The fellas over at 3A have released a lookbook with twenty-two pages devoted to their latest collaboration with Valve.  Much like the Heavy that is slated to ship in the next couple months, the Pyro will come in both red and blue variants.  The price will be $220 for an individual figure or $400 for the pair; saving you $40.  The figure is 1/6 scale and will be about 10.9 inches tall.  The lookbook does a great job of showing off the various poses the figure can hit, and what is included.


[h2]3AxValve Team Fortress 2 Robot Pyro[/h2]

Stands 10.9 inches (27 cm) tall
Over 30 points of articulation
Illuminated LED eyes
Includes Pyro’s signature flamethrower weapon
Magnetized three pack grenade set with additional two loose grenades
Will include in-game code unlock for Team Fortress 2

The red variant will be available later on as well, but the blue and two-pack will be Bambaland exclusives.  The pre-sale date will be announced soon.

If the quality is anything like their Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body then we are in for a treat, check out our review of that pair here.

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