NECA: Predator Series 12 and Blade Fighter Updates

One of my favorite reveals from NECA at Toy Fair this year was the “Bad Blood” Predator originally slated for wave 12 of the Predator line.  NECA has come out today on twitter and announced that Bad Blood will be a stand alone “deluxe” release, and the Viper Predator that was planned to come with the Blade Fighter vehicle will take his place.  Thus effectively making the series 12 lineup as follows:

Elder Predator (Predator 2)
Viper Predator (Blade Fighter Pilot)
Enforcer Predator (Bad Blood Comic Series)

This wave is slated for a June 2014 release date, so I imagine it will still be on track unless the shuffle causes some delays.

Bad Blood Predator will see a deluxe sized release for what is speculated to be about $25 – $30 for the figure.  I’m going to guess they lost their shirts over all those skulls!


The Blade Fighter (which preorders should be solicited this week some time) will now be pilotless at release.  I suppose if you want to figure out what the price would have been with the figure add $15 – $20 of whatever the asking price will be!  Even though the Blade Fighter does not include the pilot anymore, I’m sure many people will buy it just to strap onto their arm and stab people.


No one else was planning on doing that?  Where are you all going?

Anyways, PREDATOR!

4 thoughts on “NECA: Predator Series 12 and Blade Fighter Updates”

  1. I’m thinking I’ll pass on this series. I’ve heard they’re doing some AvP stuff later in the year — not normally something I’d be excited about, but I’m keen for a well-articulated Wolf Predator

      1. Saw him in a comics shop the other day — he looks great! But he’s not the same scale as my others and he’s $100 in Australia…I will be passing at the moment.

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