Takara: Transformers MP-22 Ultra Magnus First Shots!

I was beginning to think I dreamed up the new Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, but alas we now have confirmation thanks to TAG Hobby.  Originally it was thought that MP-22 would just be a white Optimus Prime with armor, but it looks as though there is quite a bit of new tooling on this guy.  Add on the fact that four Masterpiece cars can fit on his trailer and this guy is shaping up to be incredible!  Sorry about the pictures being a little bit blurry, I’ll assume the person reading the magazine was so consumed with excitement he went into a nervous breakdown while snapping them.

mp2202 mp2201

As you can see here it looks as though (similar to Masterpiece Bumblebee) the face plates will be swappable, hopefully this isn’t an Amazon exclusive again and all faces will be included in the general release.  My usual import sites have not put up preorders yet, but BBTS has had one up for a while here.  Theirs, however, was pretty preliminary so you may want to wait and see how the import sites price out theirs.  He’s probably going to be a fairly large investment so start saving up now!  The article lists MSRP at 19,940 YEN, so roughly $200 USD.

Edit – Here is a much more clear shot of the article –


2 thoughts on “Takara: Transformers MP-22 Ultra Magnus First Shots!”

    1. BBTS just dropped their price to $189 which isn’t bad. We’ll see if they keep it there, they haven’t gotten a solicitation on it yet.

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