SDCC 2014: Hasbro Star Wars Black Jabba with Salacious Crumb Exclusive

And here we go!  Hasbro has announced their Star Wars Black six-inch SDCC Exclusive for 2014: Jabba the Hutt with Salacious Crumb action figure set.  Much like last year’s Boba Fett packed with Han Solo in Carbonite, they are taking a figure slated to be released later in the year and giving him some extra pack-ins.  The SDCC version of Jabba will come with Salacious Crumb and Jabba’s hookah.  The set will come in a box that folds out to look like Jabba’s throne room, along with a spot to put your Han in Carbonite from last year’s San Diego Comic Convention.


Jabba has been added to our SDCC exclusive checklist for 2014, and you can check it out here as we are constantly updating as news is released.  Stay tuned because I am sure a lot more reveals are on the way.  San Diego Comic Convention exclusive reveal season is in full swing now!

News of this Jabba SDCC exclusive was revealed through Entertainment Weekly.


4 thoughts on “SDCC 2014: Hasbro Star Wars Black Jabba with Salacious Crumb Exclusive”

  1. I don’t think Hasbro really “gets” the SDCC exclusive thing…why wouldn’t everybody want Salacious and the hookah? I thought the general idea was to do stuff people might want, but wouldn’t regret not having. At least these aren’t as bad as the GI Joe exclusives, which are always popular characters that people want. They make it next to impossible for people who don’t go to SDCC to get their exclusives.

    I think the regular Jabba release should include Han in Carbonite to make up for it…

    1. Well they tend to make things that fans REALLY want, which would be well in fine if we had a decent enough chance to get at them.

      I can almost forgive the SDCC Boba Fett last year being it was the first Star Wars Black figure and there was no measure to test demand. But you are right the GI Joe stuff is always amazing and damn near impossible to get. I do hope Jabba lasts slightly longer on HTS after the show this year, I would like to get one, but then again if Boba was $50 I can only guess Jabba will be around $80 or so. So I’m not gonna go much higher than that for him, I can wait for the retail release.

      I just hope they make more this year. And I wish HTS had a set date/time as to when they put them up.

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