Botcon 2014: Botcon? More like Buttcon!

I don’t usually do press photo roundups because I’m lazy, and there is the thing where I usually like to post stuff from the actual show.  Unfortunately today I am not actually at Botcon, but am taking in the reveals from my nice cool basement instead.  There are also plenty of other places to get shots of the Botcon display case and slides from the show, hell even the press pictures.  But since I was provided these pictures I might as well do something with them. So I’m just gonna run down all the cool stuff they announced because some of these have turned me into a big nerd who literally gasped at my twitter feed.  Sad but true!

First and foremost let’s get right to my number one pick for best reveal: Generations Voyager Brainstorm.

Hasbro producing an actual Headmaster?  Yep it’s true!  There is little not to love about this guy.  He’s only slightly stylized and extremely close to the IDW look.  Unlike the Fansproject release he actually has the faceplate.  If you really wanted to nitpick he does NOT come with a briefcase, but isn’t that what third parties are for?  Brainstorm should be hitting around November of this year, as long as he doesn’t get cancelled or delayed we will have a lot to say “thanks” for this Thanksgiving.

Next up: Generations Deluxe Arcee and Chromia.

I feel like Chromia had already been confirmed or at least heavily rumored around Toy Fair, but regardless she 100% exists now.  Three female Transformers: Chromia, Arcee, and Windblade all happening in a single year is pretty unheard of, but great news!  Chromia looks to be my favorite of the bunch.  Arcee definitely has me second guessing if I will grab the Mastermind Creation’s Azalea.  Azalea and all of her recolors are pretty cool though, I may just end up grabbing the one that is colored like Predaking.  Speaking of Predaking, fuck …. MMC finish Feral Rex so he can have arms in my display!

And for third place: Hero Mashers Wave 2 Jetfire.

HM Jetfire

The nice thing about getting the press images is that I can poke around and find the stuff nobody took a picture of!  A Jetfire that you can put Hulk hands on?  It’s worth mentioning that Generations Leader Jetfire is looking pretty nice too.  A lot of Jetfire going down this year and I dig it!

Fourth place will go to: Leader Class Armada and G1 Megatron.

A good Generations Megatron has been much-needed, but does this one scratch the itch for you?  I think he turned out pretty good.  However I do see a glaring issue that is going to bug me to no end: the knees.  Oh they are so far up!  But the rest of him is so good!  Of course we are also going by the Hasbro “Press Pictures” that generally make figures look worse than they really are.  Everything else but those knees look great on this Megatron.  And if you are a fan of the More Than Meets the Eye comic you can do this:


There is also a bunch of third-party stuff I was really digging on, for example Planet-X Neptune.

I like that Planet-X is doing the Fall of Cybertron dinobots.  While everyone is focusing on the G1, there is a fan segment out there that needs a complete dinobot set from FOC. It’s great that they already have their version of Swoop out, and now Sludge in the works.

Most of the other stuff I’ve seen before.  Sounds like a cool show though, but I doubt I’d ever put together the scratch to travel to it.  MAYBE to that one in Toronto since I hear they have a water slide.  Also this Hound is not fat enough …

KREO Hound

* – Photos from the actual show courtesy of @The_Nickbot … he’s quite a chum!




5 thoughts on “Botcon 2014: Botcon? More like Buttcon!”

  1. I think the biggest thing that bothers me about the generations Megatron is that it looks like his right arm is just a straight piece of plastic with no elbow articulation. I hope I’m wrong, but that’s the type of thing that can ruin a figure for me.
    Brainstorm looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to get my hands on him. Good colors, cool design and useful articulation.

    1. I noticed that too and I’m kind of hoping it’s just the angle. I always feel reassured that Hasbro’s press shots actually look worse than the finished product 😛

      Brainstorm is damn near perfect, so pumped to get him.

    1. It’s amazing Hasbro has actually changed their stance on them. For years people begged for them and Hasbro’s response was always that they weren’t good kids toys because if the head gets lost the figure is kind of ruined. Between a Headmaster and them claiming 2015 will be “the year of the combiner” there could be some interesting stuff in the works. They did show a slide with the silhoutte of Superion …

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