A Crowded Coop DOTA2 Micro Plushies Series 2 Revealed!

We met with A Crowded Coop back in February during Toy Fair and they let us know they had some exciting stuff brewing for Valve’s annual DOTA2 Tournament International.  Nothing could be revealed at the time, but now that Valve has released their official “Secret Shop” catalog the cat is out of the bag!


Last year the micro plushies were a big hit.  This was both because they were totally adorable, and of course they came with an in-game unlock!  This year they continue the same proud tradition with a whole new cast of twelve new characters and a rare chase figure that comes with an extra courier unlock.  The list is as follows:

Templar Assassin
Crystal Maiden
Crummy Wizard (Chase figure that comes with Hwytty & Shhyzzyrd courier item)

The figures will be blind boxed and cost $12 USD each.  They will be available at the “Secret Shop” at Tournament International 4 first at a limit of 5 per transaction.  The figures will also be put up on Valve’s official store either during or shortly after the tournament.  I’ll keep an eye out from here and post an update once they go up.


But micro plushes aren’t the only items coming from A Crowded Coop!  If you enjoyed last year’s Nature’s Prophet plush figure, they now are offerring Rubick!  The Sniper and Shagbark pictured with Rubick are made by the folks at Mighty Fine.  Rubick and Sniper are $40 while Shagbark will be $45.  Mini plushies as well as Sniper and Rubick all come packed with “Imbued Lockless Luckvessels” which will unlock one of eleven unique items.

We’ll post updates once these are available to buy at the shop!


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