SDCC 2014: Blizzard Entertainment Exclusives!

Blizzard has just announced their lineup of exclusives and “first available” items for San Diego Comic Convention 2014!

First up is the Nether Faerie Dragon Plush.  The exclusive dark blue colored version will be a SDCC 2014 exclusive limited to 2,000 pieces.  The standard version will then be available at Blizzard’s online gear store after the show.

Next up is a Funko POP! Vinyl Primal Kerrigan.  The primal version of Kerrigan, Queen of Blades, will be limited to 2,500 pieces and will be available only at San Diego Comic Convention 2014.  The standard version can be purchased on Amazon.


Cute but Deadly Cloaking Zeratul is the next exclusive!  Fans of clear figures are going to love this version of Starcraft’s Zeratul, cloaked in clear plastic with green eyes and psi-blade.  Zeratul the Dark Templar is also limited to 2,500 pieces and is exclusive to the show.


From the Diablo universe we have the Whimsyshire Treasure Goblin Plush!  The Whimsyshire version (you can tell which one it is because of the happy face and rainbows!) will be the SDCC exclusive and will have a run of 3,500 pieces.  The standard Treasure Goblin also pictured below will be available at the Blizzard store after the show.

Blizzard will also be “premiering” items that will later be available to buy direct from Blizzard’s Gear Store, this items include: Cute But Deadly T-Shirt for men and women, Starcaft Zergling Plush Keychain (pictured below), Hearthstone Plush with Light and Sounds (pictured below), and Blizzard Heroes and Villains Lanyard (pictured below).


As always, be sure to check out our SDCC 2014 checklist to plan out what exclusive you want to buy this year!


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