SDCC 2014: Hasbro Transformers Combiners!

Back at Botcon Hasbro proclaimed that 2015 would be the “Year of the Combiner!”  They went as far as to use a very third-party tactic of showing a silhouette of Superion to get everyone excited.  Come now to San Diego Comic Convention and Hasbro has show not just one, but two combiners.  Superion and Menasor will hopefully herald in a new age of official Transformer combiner teams.  Let’s check out the official pictures from Hasbro (which I might add are probably better than the ones from SDCC since the people that set up the cases appear to have transformed them wrong).

First up we have Superion.

SuperionWell besides the skinny upper legs I think he’s decent enough.  I’m also a big fan of the individual bots that make up Superion, they all for the most part have decent bot and vehicle modes.  The individual bots are as follows: Air Raid, Alpha Bravo (Slingshot), Firefly (Fireflight), Silverbolt, and Skydive.  Hasbro must have lost a few of those trademarks over the years.

Next up is Menasor, and he has a lot to live up to after Fansproject’s “Intimidator” last year.

MENASOR combined

Menasor is, of course, made up of the Stunticons team of: Drag Strip, Breakdown, Dead End, Motormaster, and Wildrider.  I feel like the combined team pales in comparison to the third-party version, but it is worth considerring that the Hasbro version will cost considerably less money as well.


4 thoughts on “SDCC 2014: Hasbro Transformers Combiners!”

  1. Maybe it’s due to having drastically lowered expectations (i was very disappointed by their foc bruticus); but i’m finding these guys pretty good. Are they as good as the 3P stuff? Heck no; but as you said these’ll be far more affordable.

    On another note whilst i’m not overly bothered by superions skinny thighs i think menasors squished up looking torso nearly ruins the figure for me.

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