SDCC 2014: Masters of the Universe Classics Roundup

The “final” year of Masters of the Universe Classics is here!  We are already well over 100 deep in unique characters for this line, and Mattel insists that this final year will satisfy the collector who wants a complete vintage collection.  I’m also updating our release date and checklist, so check that out if you just want to know what falls where.

First we’ll have the official reveals from Mattycollector on preview night –

Monthly figures:
October 2014 – Sweet Bee (Club Etheria – $25)
October 2014 – Eldor (Club Eternia – $25)

Special Non-Subscription Holiday Item:
December 2014 – Battle Ram with Man-At-Arms (Non Sub – $110)

Non Classics, Masters of the Universe Items:
September 2014 – Jumbo Sized Vintage He-Man (Non Sub – $75)
October 2014 – Jumbo Sized Vintage Skeletor (Non Sub – $75)

On top of the official reveals additional leaks came about on preview night including 2014’s snake man and another Club Etheria figure:

Monthly Figures:
November 2014 – Tung Lasher (Club Eternia – $25)
November 2014 – NA She-Ra (Club Etheria – $25)

[h3]Mattycollector’s Official Presentation Friday 7/25/14 11 AM PST[/h3]

I got my coverage through ToyArk, and I think their stream was the best because of —


Monthly Figures:
November 2014 – Arrow (Quarterly Beast Slot $35)
November 2014 – Gwildor (Club Eternia Holiday Item – $35)
December 2014 – Mermista (Club Eternia – $25)
December 2014 – Spinnerella (Club Etheria – $30)
January 2015 – Lizard man (Club Eternia – $26)
February 2015 – Ninjor (Club Eternia – $26)
February 2015 – Snake Armor He-Man vs Battle Armor King Hsss (Quarterly Two-Pack – $52)
March 2015 – Huntara (Club Eternia – $26)
March 2015 – Oo-Larr (Club Eternia Exclusive – $26)
Travelling Convention Exclusive Skeletor Robots 3-Pack


Non Classics, Masters of the Universe Items:
November 2014 – Jumbo Sized Vintage Stratos (Non Sub – $75)
December 2014 – Jumbo Sized Vintage Beast Man (Non Sub – $75)
January 2015 – Mini Masters She-Ra vs Horde Trooper (Mini Sub – $20)
March 2015 – Mini Masters Jitsu vs Mekaneck (Mini Sub – $20)

Both the Mini Masters and Jumbo Sized Vintage sets will get a subscription to combine with your other Mattycollector subs.  Unfortunately they still will not combine on the first month.  They will also be selling them as bundles at the end of their runs.  For instance you will be able to get the entire 2014 line of Mini masters in one bundle December 2014 after the last one releases.


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