SDCC 2014: NECA Reveals Heroes of the Storm!

Back when I reviewed NECA’s Diablo action figure I mentioned at the end that I hoped it wasn’t a one-off figure and that Heroes of the Storm would be a great game to farm characters from.  Well it looks like this is at least planned to be a reality now!  While NECA did not have any sculpts in their case at San Diego Comic Convention 2014 they did have the poster as seen above announcing the first series.

These figures will be in scale with the Diablo figure released earlier this year according to NECA.  If the SDCC announcement poster is an indication of the first series it is quite ambitious having five characters.  If you need assistance with who the characters are on the poster from left to right: Illidan Stormrage (Warcraft 3/World of Warcraft), Stitches (Heroes of the Storm), Nova (Starcraft), Tyrael (Diablo), and Arthas Menethil aka The Lich King (Warcraft 3/World of Warcraft).

Again, that poster with five BIG names from the series seems ambitious, but I will be glad to get any of them.  They are all great choices to tackle next.  If the articulation and scale stays close to Diablo’s then these could easily blow the DC Unlimited figure-statues out of the water.  The one factor that could hurt the series is that each figure will need a unique sculpt, so the figures will have to sell.  I’m still bitter that NECA aborted their DOTA2 line before it even had a chance … so I go into most video game lines skeptical.

Plus Heroes of the Storm is still in beta so there is no way to tell if it will take off with fans.  Blizzard characters are beloved, however so are Valve characters and NECA has had issues with selling the latter previous years.

Once NECA gets the main characters out-of-the-way it would be great to see some of the oddball characters like Murky, Brightwing, and Li Li.

More news as it comes in from SDCC!


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