The Axe of Gold!

Check out this new set of vintage style figures from our friends at Rampageo Industries and Bigmantoys!

Dropping July 11th Comes the Vintage Style Axe Of Gold Set.

In a world where Gods, monsters, and men battle endlessly by sword and by spell, might can only be acheived through allegience.

Joining forces with a powerful beast named Battle Beak, a sword weidling barbarian they call “The Battle King” must fight all who challenge him, in a quest to poseess the great Axe of Gold! Whoever might hold this weapon, will be granted the favor of the Gods and become ruler of all.

Neo-vintage resin action figure makers Bigmantoys and Rampageo Industries are teaming up with one of the most elaborate 5.5″ scale playsets ever!

Heavily inspired by 16 bit gaming, MOTU, and all things barbarian, Axe of Gold wave I consits of a completely new mount (Battle beak), dwarf, and accessories, sculpted, and produced by Bigmantoys. The barbarian rider “Battle King” painted with the finest Monster Kolor Paint by Rampageo Industries using a Realm of the Underworld buck with kind permission from Zoloworld.

These are all completely compatible with lines of similar scale, meaning the advetures are limitless.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, this playset will be shipping out of the US and UK to save collectors shipping costs, with variants exclusive to each store!

The sculpts for this project took a beating in the molding process so numbers are limited to how long the molds decide to hold up. At a price of $110.00 (USD) plus shipping for the whole set, this is a box of awesome both Bigmantoys and Rampageo Industries are very proud to present. This will be a pre order from July 11th until July 18th, and production will start after the pre order peiord ends so please allow some time for orders to ship.. Sets will be available from Bigmantoys store, and the store on The DoomKick sets will ship out of the US and include The Battlebeak Mount, The rider, sword, a thief in blue, and a potion. The BMT sets will ship out of the UK (for international orders), and include the Battlebeak mount, the rider, sword, a thief in green, and a joint of meat.


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