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Marvel Legends Thanos Imperative Star-Lord Review

Marvel Legends has really kicked into gear the last few months.  I’d go as far as to say this has been the “Summer of Legends” with the number of releases available since June.  So in June we got the Guardians of the Galaxy Groot wave, then this month the X-Men themed Jubilee wave was released, and now the SDCC exclusive “Thanos Imperative” box set is out!  Having five figures, the Thanos set might as well be a wave among itself.  The only difference is that no build-a-figure is included.  Regardless the set includes five figures never done one very essential redo and four figures never done as Marvel Legends.  One of them the very much demanded comic version of Star-Lord.

Star-Lord marks our third comic based Guardians of the Galaxy figure in the Marvel Legends line.  And we aren’t talking the classics, but the Abnet and Lanning version that the movie’s premise was built upon.  Comic based teams typically get the shaft as can be seen with the Guardians and Wrecking Crew.  We got the entire GOTG movie team in one build-a-figure wave.  The full movie Avengers team took a couple of waves to complete but they did it.  The comic teams are often more of a slow build, and then those builds are often subject to rash Hasbro cancellations.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Star-Lord Thanos Imperative Review SDCC

We saw a tease of this Star Lord back in 2013 at Hasbro’s San Diego Comic Convention panel.  It was just a render at the time, but that body did end up getting used for the AIM Soldier in the Captain America Legends wave this year.  The wait was somewhat long, but they found a place to put him and I think he ended up being the biggest draw of this box set.  After of course the crazy mouth gimmick they had going with the gigantic Galactus box.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Star-Lord Thanos Imperative Review SDCC

This comic Star-Lord is about as good as you are going to get.  The sculpt is dead on from head to toe.  He looks like he jumped right out of the comic.  It certainly helps that they used his masked head because human sculpts in general can be hit or miss; after all just look at the movie Star-Lord’s “Chris Pratt” head.  Thankfully that figure came with a masked head.  He’s the only figure in the box set that comes with accessories, his two guns.  He holds them well and both of his hands have trigger fingers so everything is groovy from that standpoint.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Star-Lord Thanos Imperative Review SDCC

While he looks amazing he does have a few structural issues that work against him.  Most notably (at least on mine) he has a couple of wobbly joints mostly in the hip area.  It’s not a completely loose joint, but one of those ratchets where the joint goes loose between prongs.  If you don’t balance it right he ends up leaning really far forward or really far back.  Besides the loose joints he’s a great figure otherwise.  The weapons could have used a couple of touches of paint, but the figure’s deco is great.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Star-Lord Thanos Imperative Review SDCC

I decided to review this figure individually instead of with the rest of the box-set because I know I’m not the only one who pretty much bought the set for him.  Not to say the other figures aren’t great, they are, but I need some more characters to go with my Rocket Raccoon.  The retail for the Thanos Imperative box set was about $100 but it has now sold out twice on HasbroToyShop so you may expect to pay a little more.  I have seen people parting out the figures, and a Star-Lord going as low as $30 on his own.  So if you don’t care about the set that is an option!

The box-set is being sold on Amazon if you want to go that route.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Star-Lord Thanos Imperative Review SDCC

Anyways, he’s great and I’ll get back and check out the rest of the set this coming week.


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