NECA Talks Simpsons and More on Sirius Erik Nagel Show

Sirius XM’s “It’s Erik Nagel” show hosted by the Opie and Jim producer Erik Nagel had Randy, Chris, and James tonight from NECA to talk Simpsons, and then of course toys in general.  I listened to the show and while most of it was stuff we already knew they also dropped some new info.


Erik asked how they came upon their roster for the Simpsons 25th Anniverary toy line.  NECA, Fox, and Gracie Films had lists of what Simpsons celebrities would or should make the line pending permission.  It was mentioned that Gracie wanted a lot of obscure (or at least obscure outside the United States) sports stars, NECA felt a lot of them would not work globally.

When a singer is picked they want to put in the whole band even though the singer is usually the most famous.  Ramones and Steven Tyler/Joe Perry/whole band are possible for the next two waves slated this year.  They couldn’t give anything away yet.

NECA still needs to go through the celebrity to get their permission to produce the figure.  Elton John almost happened as his assistant was a huge toy fan and collector of NECA figures, but when it came down to Elton signing off they couldn’t get it to work.  So Elton John will not happen.  They also mentioned that Bret Hart was one of the first people to approve and wanted all proceeds to go to his charity (they weren’t positive what it is, but I will assume it’s March of Dimes).


Randy mentioned their now working with Blizzard on Diablo and the new Heroes of the Storm line.  No specifics.

On the topic of Pacific Rim, they said the box office was marginal for the movie, but the merchandise is killing a year out still.  Guillermo Del Toro is currently working on an animated feature and the sequel.  NECA are still on board and down for getting everything they can out of the original and future films.

It’s probably no surprise that they mentioned Predator is the deepest toy line they have ever done.  Randy only likes the first movie, and not a fan of the sequels.

NECA has been doing toys for about 10 years now, the company has been around for about 15 started by doing music merchandise.

This is kind of a big one …

NECA will be at NYCC this year (this is the first I am hearing this?) and are working on a possible exclusive, but time is short right now.  Bret “The Hitman” Hart in an alternate color and package, possibly to get Bret to sign at the convention.  Want to do the fiend/crimson ghost from the Misfits … my speculation here but possibly a mego styled?

NECA is looking into doing some direct to consumer collector TMNT product.  Possibly only sold at conventions, as Playmates (or the master licensee) may be more willing to work with them if their figures don’t find themselves at big retail like Toys “R” Us, Target, etc.

Discussed NECA’s attempt to do Rocky Horror Picture Show a few years back.  They gave Erik a tour of their office and he saw the prototypes that Fox did not approve in Randy’s office.

They then took some really bad callers.

When asked what was in the pipeline for the rest of 2014 Randy said more Planet of the Apes, more Alien (mentioned Ripley of course), and Freddy/Jason.

That was pretty much the end of the show at that point, so it did actually turn out to be very interesting.  It’s great to hear (if it is happening, hopefully we’ll get a confirmation from NECA soon NECA just confirmed they will be there!) that they will be at New York Comic Convention this year!  With Mattel not going this will fill that hole left in my heart quite nicely!  And I don’t have to wait until Toy Fair to see NECA at a convention again.

The It’s Erik Nagel show airs on SiriusXM channel 206 or XM 103 at 8 pm EST on Saturdays.  You can follow Erik on twitter @erockradio.

I hope I covered everything important here, if not I’m sure somebody will come around and correct me.  That is what the internet is for after all!

EDIT: Here is the entire show on Youtube, the NECA guys come in at the 40:00 mark.



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