Hasbro Reveals Transformers Combiner Wars Official Loose and Carded Pictures

Hasbro has sent out official pictures of various figures that will be part of their Combiner Wars Transformers line.  Pictures include the following figures:

Voyager Optimus Prime
Voyager Silverbolt
Deluxe Dragstrip
Deluxe Firefly
Deluxe Skydive
Deluxe Alpha Bravo

We’d seen a preview of carded (boxed) Optimus and Motormaster at NYCC, so now we have the third: Voyager Silverbolt.  In addition this is the first look at the packaging for the deluxes which make up the arms and legs of their respective combiners.  I have to say I am loving the deluxe box artwork.  They did a great job, and I think these figures will really pop once the Age of Extinction stuff clears off the shelves and these take their place.  In case you missed them here was Optimus (who can combine with Superion’s limbs to form Ultra Prime) and Menasor from NYCC 2014:

And then here are the carded Combiner Wars figures:

And finally all the figures loose in the alt and bot modes:

These are scheduled for release early 2015, so keep an eye out for more Transformers goodness!


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