Fans Toys Tesla Perceptor

Fans Toys Reveals Tesla and Spotter (MP Scale Perceptor and Reflector)

It looks as though Fans Toys has already started making plans for what they plan to release after they are finished with their Iron Dinobots line!  Those plans may be further along than anybody could have thought since we now have pictures of full prototypes for their take on Masterpiece Scaled Perceptor and Reflector: FT-09 Tesla and FT-11 Spotter.  Interestingly enough the FT-10 spot is still vacant.  Possibly still for their Skyfire they teased a while back?

Here’s what we have so far for Fans Toys releases:

FT-01 – Masterpiece Optimus Prime Trailer
FT-02 – Acoustic Wave (MP Soundwave and Cassettes that was canceled)
FT-03 – Quakewave (MP Shockwave)
FT-04 – Scoria (MP Slag)
FT-05 – Soar (MP Swoop)
FT-06 – Sever (MP Snarl)
FT-07 – Unknown
FT-08 – Unknown
FT-09 – Tesla (MP Perceptor)
FT-10 – Unknown
FT-11 – Spotter (MP Reflector)

Presumably FT-07 and FT-08 are the last two Dinobots: Sludge and Grimlock.  So maybe Jetfire will be placed in the FT-10 spot and then we have a place for all of our teases!  Anyways, enjoy these new pictures of Tesla and Spotter.  No alt-modes have been revealed yet, but the robot modes look tight.  Hopefully Reflector will come with some alternate faces for each robot!  Prices looks to be around $100 for Tesla and $150 for Spotter domestically based on early preorder postings.  It’s a nice change of pace from the $200 per on the Dinobots.


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