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Marvel Legends Agents of SHIELD Appear in Hong Kong!

For those of us looking forward to Hasbro Marvel Legends “Agents of SHIELD” 3-pack; it looks like the wait is almost over!  Loose factory samples have shown up on eBay.  Which means that we can get our first look at the finished product, and either get hyped or super-critical of it … however you roll!  I don’t think it has been officially confirmed yet, but this is expected to be a Toys “R” Us exclusive.  The set will include Agent Phil Coulson, Maria Hill, and Nick Fury.  The set is movie/television based, obviously.

You can grab them off eBay now if you like. However, unless you are insanely in need of these right now I’d wait as they will probably hit retail in the next month or so.  And be much cheaper.  And they’ll have a box too.

Agent Phil Coulson finally gives Marvel Legends that suited body we’ve needed so badly to become DC Universe Classics!  He also has that giant gun from Avengers and an alternate head sans-shades.

Maria Hill looks to reuse a prior used body, it’s not the old SHIELD Sharon Carter/Maria Hill one … but it’s something I can’t recall right now.  Her head is huge though, what’s up with that?

This is the Nick Fury we’ve seen before.  Same body I dislike so much, one day we’ll retire this mold … one day!

UPDATE! Here are some boxed pictures as well from eBay!


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  1. I’m not much of a Marvel Legends collector but I am really digging this set. Yeah, that Nick Fury body has definitely been overused, but everything else does look pretty good.

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