Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite 2015 Carded Images Surface!

First off, the Marvel Legends name is getting far too long to put in a single title!  What was once the evergreen Spider-Man line that kind of supplemented Marvel Legends is now a part of the Legends line.  It’s now the Marvel Legends Infinite Spider-Man series.  Infinite is a fitting name considering it’s the line that will never die.  They also seem to be putting more side-characters and better Spider-Man variants in this line.  The 2015 series will include the following characters:

Warriors of the Web Spider-Woman
Warriors of the Web Spider-Girl
Spider-Man 2099
Spider-Man (WITH A PIZZA!)

So yeah, we have the first packaged images of “Pizza Slice” Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, and Warriors of the Web Spider-Girl.  Hopefully more to come since these should start hitting shelves in the next month or so.


2 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite 2015 Carded Images Surface!”

  1. I’m not even a huge Spider-man fan, but I’ll need to get at least these three figures. I don’t know anything about that Spider-girl, but she looks cool, the Spider-man is supposedly the ultimate version, and I’ve always wanted a good 2099 Spider-man because I liked the comic as a kid.

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