NECA Alien3 Video Game 8-Bit Dog Alien

NECA: Alien3 Dog Alien Gets the Video Game Treatment!

In some early Toy Fair 2015 news, solicitations are going out today for NECA’s next entry in their 8/16 bit video game variant line.  This time they set their sights on the Alien franchise, and have found a creative way to use that Dog Alien sculpt again.  If you haven’t messed around with the Dog Alien sculpt I suggest you check out our review we did about a month back.  It’s a fantastic figure and feels much sturdier than the Xenomorph warriors that came before it.

The real highlight of this release is the two-tone paint job.  Half the figure is shaded in blue and the other in brown.  I have to admit it’s pretty slick looking.  Check out the pictures below that show both sides of the figure, and then a head on shot.  On top of that it will come packaged in a cleverly redesigned version of the Nintendo packaging for the Alien3 game.


2 thoughts on “NECA: Alien3 Dog Alien Gets the Video Game Treatment!”

  1. I’m going to need this in my life. A lot. Love NECA’s 8/16 bit line of figures. I have to hand it to them – they’ve found a genius way to sell repaints.

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