New Images of Leader Megatrons and Combiner Wars Motormaster

We know Motormaster is coming sooner than later with Hasbro’s Combiner Wars Transformers hitting the online and real life shelves currently.  But a few press photos have snuck out onto the internet so we now have an updated look at Motormaster as well as the Leader Class Armada and Classic Megatron.  Please consider that the images have gone through the “Hasbro Photo Filter” and generally look more glossy than the final release.

My thoughts on the trio are as follows: Hasbro Combiner Wars Motormaster Press ImageMotormaster – definitely a better use of the mold than the Combiner Wars Prime.  I think he’d going to make a lot of people very happy, and those who currently have “Heroic Autobot Dragstrip” will be glad to finally plug him into the right base.  I’ve seen boxed Motormaster already and he certainly looks better in person than he does in this Photoshopped picture.

Leader Class Classic and Armada Megatron – I believe the only pictures we have seen of this release was the Botcon presentation, and the resulting press shots afterward.  It looks pretty close in sculpt to the even more Photoshopped pictures from Botcon, but something about it isn’t doing it for me.  The legs are still very much an eyesore with the upper part of them being so short.  The arm cannon could certainly be bigger as well.

The head sculpt is pretty good.  While light piping is fine, since this is a leader class figure it would be pretty bad-ass if his eyes lit up red.  Oh to dream!

Armada Megatron isn’t grabbing me either, but he would looks pretty neat as the leader of your Legends Insecticons!

I got bored so here is a comparison between the original reveal and the new one:

Gen-Leader-Megatron-botAnd since it doesn’t get said enough, remember that Hasbro press images often times make figures look worse than they really are.  So if you are let down remember it still could look good to you in person, don’t give up hope!


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