Predanaut Pterror Preorders Open January 10th!

In case you haven’t been keeping up with David White’s 3D printed robot collection, it is the toast of the town and continues to get more expansive!  He’s proud to reveal the 4th six-inch figure (second Predanaut) in the series, the Pterror!  No it isn’t Paterror … the “P” is silent!  Mecha Zone will start preorders for the Predanaut Pterror January 10th through February 14th, or until they sell out as they are limited to 18 items.

If you haven’t checked out David’s past work I highly recommend watching Vangelus’ reviews of the Predanaut Fang and Mechanaut V2 Soldier.

Check out the press release below for all the information and pictures:

Mecha Zone Logo

Mecha Zone is proud to announce the new Predanaut Pterror 3D printed enemy action figure. Pre-orders start January 10th and go until February 14th. Orders will start shipping February 15th.

Coming in 2015: The Mechanaut Explorer and new mini Mechanauts and Predanauts. The Predanaut Commander and Protoforms have also been spotted lurking in the shadows!

Mecha Zone store

About the Pterror:
The Pterror stalks its prey from above and screeches in for the kill! The Pterror also conceals a pinpoint laser inside its mouth for long-range slaughter.

– Limited run of 18 in purple and black
– 6.5″ tall (16cm)
– 17 points of articulation
– 5mm ports on the arms and legs
– Accessories: a foot peg action stand for posing
– Includes bag with header card and insert
– 3D printed designer toy intended for adult collectors

Mecha Zone, AKA David A White is a freelance illustrator, toy maker, and designer of giant robots. He also sells mecha themed art books, stickers, and other goods from his store. You can follow his 3D printing adventures or check out his sketches by following him on Instagram and twitter.

Keep up with Mechanaut news on the Mechanauts Universe Facebook page.

Predanaut Pterror Concept[adsense]


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