Maketoys RM-01 Cupola aka MP Chromedome

Maketoys Cupola and Gundog (MP Chromedome and Hound) Prototypes Revealed

Earlier this morning Maketoys revealed prototypes of their previously announced Masterpiece scaled Chromedome and Hound, also known as RM-01 Cupola and RM-02 Gundog.  Prior to now we had only seen the usual third party reveal of a silhouette, so now we have a look at the first unpainted prototype of the pair.

We are still waiting on pictures of RM-03 Hellfire (aka Inferno), but I’m sure they should be showing up soon.  So enjoy a few first looks at Maketoys’ first crack at the Masterpiece scale.

I think RM-01 Cupola (Chromedome) looks fantastic!  He also keeps the headmaster gimmick which will be great to see in a larger scale.  Maketoys does have a specific stylized look that seems to work better in a smaller scale.  However at first glance I don’t think this Chromedome looks bad.  I’m very interested to see how he looks once he gets a coat of paint.

I can see that Maketoys definitely tried to capture a more MP aesthetic with RM-02 Gundog (Hound).  He also appears to have a modern and classic look by adjusting where his shoulders lay.


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