MOTUC Club 200x Full Lineup and Point Dread Revealed!

Dare I say that I’m actually quite excited about Masters of the Universe Classics again?

Well regardless of my excitement Mattel has decided to take a new route with their subscription sales and basically told us the entire lineup of their MOTUC Club 200x series.  The addon subscription (or standalone if you aren’t a current Club Eternia subscriber) is currently available to purchase now through March 23, 2015.  So what exactly do you get with a subscription?  Here is the full lineup:

July – Callix ($26)
August – Evil Seed ($26)
August – Heads of Eternia (Grizzlor, Buzz-Off, Sy-Klone, Roboto, Snout Spout, and Clawful – $26)
September – King Chooblah ($26)
October – Ceratus ($26)
November – Queen Grayskull ($26)
December – Prahvus ($26)

MOTUC Club 200x

A few things to note here.  First is that a Grizzlor head IS in fact included in the Heads of Eternia accessory pack!  They did not show it at Toy Fair, but it will be there.  Here is the official word from Matty:

RE: Grizzlor’s Head: Yes, you will receive a Grizzlor head in the sub-only accessory pack. The reason you didn’t see him during Toy Fair is because at the time we were going to only make a face plate available (as you saw in Brandon’s video); we later decided to provide a full head instead. To minimize confusion the face plate was pulled and only five sculpts were shown. Surprise!

Also it does not appear they will be doing the guilt and shaming show we have seen in past years, so no meter to keep us worried.  Again here is Matty’s official word:

RE: Subscription Meter: Although we do have a minimum we need to hit in order to make sure the complete subscription can be offered to you guys, there will be no meter. You don’t like the meter…I don’t like the meter…you won’t see one for this subscription. That being said, YOUR participation in the subscription drive is still VERY important as you guys will ultimately determine whether the complete line comes to fruition. There will be updates to let you know how the subscription is coming along.

MOTUC Point Dread and Filmation Teela

And then finally, today we got a new video from Brandon over at Mattel to show off the Skeletor Hover Robots and giant Zodac and Man-At-Arms.  What is interesting is what he left on the table but made no mention to: a Point Dread and what appears to be a Filmation Teela standing inside of it!

That’s a nice little tease and I hope we get both of those pieces.


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