ThreeZero The Matrix APU

ThreeZero Teases The Matrix Figures!

ThreeZero has released a first look at their next project: The Matrix’s APU.  If you recall from the two good Matrix movies, Reloaded and Revolutions, that the APU (Armored Personnel Unit) were hydraulic mech-suits used to defend Zion from the Sentinel attack.  You mostly see them in the third movie.  They have a brief cameo in the second as Neo arrives at Zion.

So ThreeZero plans to bring the APU to life along with a pilot.  No details have been revealed yet, but we should probably assume that it will be similarly scaled to their Titanfall mech and pilot.  The pilot will likely be in 1/12 or six-inch scale and the mech-suit built around him.

While I probably won’t get this it does fill me with a bit of hope.  I’d LOVE to get my hands on a 1/6 scale Neo from the Matrix.  Hell, I’d even take a 1/6 John Wick.  Just give me some Keanu … any Keanu will do.


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