3A x Valve Half-Life 2 Dog

3A Teases 1/6 Scale Half-Life 2 Dog

We finally get our first look at 3A’s crack at Dog, Dr. Gordon Freeman’s robot companion in Half-Life 2.  Last year it was hinted that 3A was working on a 1/6 scale Gordon Freeman, Alyx Vance, and Dog.  Last we had heard it was also stated that Dog and Gordon would come together in a two-pack. I’m glad to see that Dog is still being worked on, and looks to be coming along well.  Unlike with the TF2 Mann vs Machine Heavy and Pyro we don’t need a team of nine to complete (which it doesn’t look like is going to happen).  I’d be perfectly happy with a Half-Life 2 1/6 scale cast of just Gordon, Alyx, and Dog.

Source: Ashley Wood Instagram


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