Books: Figures Sold Separately

Books: Each Sold Separately and Action Figures Not Included

If you missed out on the initial Kickstarters for Philip Reed’s vintage themed books “Each Sold Separately” and “Action Figures Not Included,” they are now available to purchase on Amazon!

Each Sold Separately

Diving face first into the marketing tricks of the toy industry of the eighties, author and critic Philip Reed explores a remarkable age unlike any seen since in the world of action figures. Holiday sales catalogs, comic books, mail-away promotions, television commercials, and more are touched on in this brief remembrance of the way things once were. This book is for every child of the eighties who ever stared at the cardback of his latest action figure and dreamed of one day actually being able to collect them all!

Action Figures Not Included

In the companion to Each Sold Separately, author Philip Reed returns to explore the marketing tactics of the action figure makers during the eighties. This volume looks at comic books, coloring books, cereal, catalogs, cartoons, games, and more, and takes every opportunity to look before and after the 1980’s in an attempt to uncover the bits of information that will help us better understand why we always felt the urge to collect them all.

Phil also has a NEW Kickstarter for his latest book up here.  It focuses on Kenner’s 1998 Star Wars Expanded Universe action figure line and should be amazing!  Follow Phil on twitter to get the latest updates.


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