Hasbro Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Box Set

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Box Set Available Now!

That long rumored Guardians of the Galaxy comic-based box set is finally available for preorder!  This five-pack of figures is an Entertainment Earth exclusive, and will set you back about $120 … but wait!  There is currently a promotion to take $20 off the price if you use the code “Marvel20” at checkout.  So if you do everything right, this set will set you back exactly $99.99 shipped to your door!

Interested?  Click right here to grab it direct from Entertainment Earth!

The set includes (if you can see past the ten thousand EE watermarks) comic versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast including:

Star-Lord (Legendary Outlaw! — with new brown boots to differentiate him from the previous release)
Gamora (Completely brand new sculpt with alternate head)
Drax (New sculpt from the one released way back — this one appears to use the Hyperion body)
Rocket Raccoon (New head — includes the potted Groot from the Universe release)
Groot (New head on the movie body)

This looks like a fabulous set and is slated for release August 2015.  So go ahead, grab it now!


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