Marvel Legends Avengers 5-Pack EU Disney

Marvel Legends: Official Press Shots of EU Disney 5-Pack

Besides a few eBay auctions, not much has been seen of the Marvel Legends Infinite Avengers 5-Pack.  It has been confirmed that this set will be exclusive to EU Disney stores, and now we have our first clear press shots of the set.  This comic influenced set will include Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Ultron.

The set has an interesting mix of previous series’ characters.  For a new collector it is a pretty ideal set.  However, for anybody who has been collecting in the past few years this set would probably be a pass.  Unless of course you REALLY like boxed sets, or paint variants.

More details as far as price or if they plan to ship these to the US as we get them.

Marvel Legends Avengers 5-Pack EU Disney


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