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MOTUC News: Multi-Bot Delayed!

Word came down from the Mattel compound that Masters of the Universe Classics’ over sized figure for May will see a slight delay.  A month to be exact.  Multi-Bot was originally scheduled to ship for subscribers and be on site for purchase May 2015.  It looks like he is running slightly behind on production, so expect him to ship the next month.

I’ve updated our Masters of the Universe Classics release dates and check list.  So here is what the next few months have in store:

May: Blast Attak $26
June: Ssssqueeze $26 and Multi-Bat $52
July: Peekablue $26 and Callix $26 (if you are a 200x subscriber)

So otherwise things are pretty quiet.  You know?  We haven’t seen green gooey Ghost of Grayskull pop up at all since that first time.  Matty should really do another “flash sale” some time soon on that.  I guess we can also expect that the SDCC 2015 exclusives will be announced soon as well.  I’m definitely looking forward to that.


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