Fans Toys FT-07 Stomp MP Sludge

Fans Toys Reveals FT-07 Stomp (Masterpiece Sludge)

In an effort to complete their Dinobot (or Iron Dibot as I prefer to call them!) lineup, Fans Toys has released imaged of the final team member: FT-07 Stomp.  With FT-06 Sever expected for release in the next couple months it’s great to see the final Dinobot reveal.

This looks like a pretty early render, and you can even see that part of the inside legs are shaded out.  Maybe it’s to hide the transformation for the time being?  Regardless, it looks great.  It appears the neck has some movement to it, and I’m sure we’ll get a clearer indication of how much as the process moves along.

I’m excited!  No release date announced yet, but I imagine preorders will start in the next few days.


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