Hasbro Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Series Carded Images!

Hasbro has released new images of the upcoming Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 3 for 2015.  This wave is appropriately referred to as the “Hulkbuster” wave because, well it comes with the movie version of Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor!  The Hulkbuster is gigantic, and should be the largest build-a-figure to hit this year.  On top of that it’s probably the biggest one to be released in quite some time.

The set will include the following figures:

Movie War Machine – Head
Marvel Now Iron Man – Leg
Dr. Strange – Leg
Vision – Lower Torso
Blizzard – Upper Torso
Valkyrie – Arm
Thundra – Arm

Here is a look at the carded images of the set:

And the loose pictures:

Thanks Hasbro for sending these along, I’m quite looking forward to this wave!


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