TMNT First Gokin Krang and Shredder

First Gokin Reveals TMNT Shredder and Krang's Walker!

Now that First Gokin’s NT-01 Krang is in the bloodstream it’s a good possibility that I’m not the only one wondering what is next?  Well wonder no more as they have released an image indicating the next TWO releases: NT-02 Krang’s Walker and NT-03 Shredder!  In a very third-party way they released the image of silhouettes above, and then also included some schematics as to what will go into Krang’s Walker.  I’m going to assume the walker will also come with a new version of Krang … or maybe the same one?  Who the hell knows?

No release dates or pricing info out there yet, but it’s good to know that the project is continuing.  I’m sure people are very interested in what version of Shredder NT-03 will be.  With the Playmates Classics line now dead I’m willing to bet this announcement will catch a lot of people’s attention.

TMNT First Gokin Krang and ShredderIf you missed out on NT-01 Krang please check out our review!  It’s a lovely piece.


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