Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man Rhino Series

Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man Rhino Series Carded!

Hasbro appears to be dropping three giant Marvel Legends waves on us all at once this summer!  They just forwarded us some fresh new press pictures of the upcoming Spider-Man Rhino build-a-figure series, so we can see them loose, carded, and all of the accessories.  This set is slated for release this summer on top of the Hulkbuster wave, Ant-Man wave, and whatever the San Diego Comic Convention exclusive will be.  Shit is getting real for Marvel Legends collectors!

The assortment for this wave is as follows:

Scarlet Spider – Both Heads
Kraven the Hunter – Leg
Ghost Rider – Leg
Superior Venom – Arm
Chameleon – Arm
Misty Knight – Torso
White Tiger – Torso

So here are the carded pictures:

And the loose ones

Loving the extra hands on Scarlet Spidey.  I foresee Chameleon being hard to get with all the alternate heads.  Anyways I can’t wait, and you can grab a preorder over at Entertainment Earth for a full case.  The figures are slated for release in August.


5 thoughts on “Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man Rhino Series Carded!”

    1. The only one that does nothing for me is Superior Venom, but I have so many symbiotes from the other waves why not add another to the mix?

  1. Ghost Rider, Chameleon and Kraven are the three characters that interest me. But I might end up buying the entire wave mainly because I always wanted a Rhino figure.

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