SUPER7 SDCC 2015 Masters of the Universe

Super7 Announces Kenner-Styled Masters of the Universe!

Remember a couple years back when Super7 lit the collector world on fire by announcing their Alien ReAction line?  Sure I understand that the ReAction brand was then commandeered by Funko, and to an extent watered it down.  But that original Alien set was a big deal and giant hit!  So Super7 is doing a similar thing now with Masters of the Universe, releasing a set of Kenner-inspired He-Man, Skeletor, Mer-Man, and Beast Man.  It should be noted that these figures will not be under the “ReAction” umbrella, and instead called the Stage 01 Prototype Action Figure Collection.  Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?

This set will be available during SDCC 2015 at an offsite location called “Skeletor’s Lair.”  Each set will be $60 and limited to one per person.  So how am I going to get ahold of one?  No fucking clue.  I’m assuming there may be a more wide release down the line with painted figures.

SUPER7 SDCC 2015 Masters of the Universe

It’s very interesting how much Mattel has been licensing out the Masters of the Universe brand of late.  Maybe something big is brewing?



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