Dirty And Goopy Slimes Incoming!

Slimes?  You don’t say!

Our friends over at Doom Kick (or DK as all the kids are calling it) have a fresh batch of slime going up for sale tomorrow night!  I’ll give you the background, and then you can head on over to Doomkick Store and purchase one of these fine collaborative pieces tomorrow, Friday July 3rd at 8PM EST.  Be there or be square … of slightly gelatinous.

Where dat DK store at homie?

Fancy you asked I’ve already linked it TWICE!  Here is one more.

Let’s hear a little bit about these slimes:

“In a hole in the ground there lived a Slime. Not a friendly fun Slime like most others. This Slime was mean, grouchy, and cantankerous. Long ago he had packed his things and left the Emerald Caverns to live in a hole all alone on the border of the Vallorian Jungle and the Desert of Morose, and he was happy too! Years passed with him living in his hole by himself, and he became knows as “dirty slime” for his surly attitude and poor hygiene from the rare interactions he had with travelers passing by. One day while reading one of his favorite books  Dirty heard a commotion outside,and when he investigated he found a group of bandits attacking a carriage that appeared to be from the Slime City. After fighting the thieves off he discovered that the Slimes from the carriage had been killed by the cowardly thieves, but he felt no love for his slime brethren so he gathered up any supplies left intact from the carriage he could use. As he searched the smashed crates and finery he was surprised by a loud cry. He looked around following the sound to a small bundle of blankets which held a wee baby Slime that couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old. Dirty Slime hated people, but even he couldn’t leave a defenseless baby to die on it own. He took the child back to his hole, and made some food for the two of them. After eating the baby slime wailed until Dirty picked him up…and the baby immediately spit up all over the grouchy slime. As Dirty cleaned himself up he spoke to the baby “Looks like we will have to call you Goopy”, and the name stuck. Even if he hated other Slimes he did love this innocent young slime and felt obligated to protect him from the horrors of the world. As he grew Goopy showed that his personality was the exact opposite of his adopted father. Goopy is a bright and cheerful young Slime who often steers Dirty toward the path of kindness over anger. Together this unlikely pair live in their hole enjoying each other’s company, but as Gloppy gets older he yearns to go on adventures like his hero Prince Algor. Dirty, despite his salty demeanor loves Goopy, and can’t stand to see him putting himself in danger so he tries his hardest to dissuade these adventuring ideas.”

The Drop will be Friday July 3rd at 8pm EST in the DK Store and there will be 3 different versions of the set…
Standard Green: the “default” color way. Sculpted by Joe, Cast by me, and painted by Joe.
Purple/Yellow: The “DK” version. Sculpted by Joe, Cast by me, and painted by me with metallic Monster Kolor paints.
Red/Green: The third version.  Sculpted by Joe, cast by me, and painted by me with metallic Monster Kolor paints.

Each set will be $10 plus Shipping from the DK Store and comes with the 2 slimes, a Tewoj Header Card, and a special surprise.
This will be the last TEWOJ release in resin for quite some time, but if the response is good there is always a chance we will see these guys in full production glory down the road. Either way the numbers on these sets are VERY low so if you’re interested best to snatch them up early before they’re gone. Both Joe and I are very excited about this drop, and ooh forward to the expanding of the world of Jalldoon.
Again Friday July 3rd at 8pm EST is the drop time for these guys. Stay up to date on ” the Exciting world of Jalldoon” by “liking” the Tewoj Facebook page.


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