Worldbox 1/6 Scale Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

Worldbox Resident Evil 1/6 Nemesis Revealed!

I try to keep up on most Resident Evil happenings, but this one flew under my radar.  It looks as though the original announcement was in March, but now they are showing off some stunning prototypes.  A Japanese company, Worldbox, will be making a fully licensed 1/6 scale Nemesis figure from Resident Evil 3!  Here are the details (translated best I could) and some pretty pictures:

Thank you for your support and recommendation letters, Worldbox comprehensive official CAPCOM everyone’s feedback and guidance, and made physical adjustments. 

Worldbox 1/6 Resident Evil 3 / Resident Evil 3 – BOSS followers Worldbox 1/6 Resident Evil 3

Nemesis Description: – 40 cm (15 1/2 inches) Naicao ferritic various components of ferritic structure integrally molded joints and other important parts using ABS engineering materials supporting anti- falls ankle twist control body – the overall figures have battle damage effect color -BOSS exclusive physique build 1.

Accessories: three interchangeable hands including an open hand, can jam 12-inch dolls neck, and head carving two hands for holding a bazooka.

Clothing: Old black leather coat effect. Old black leather pants effect. One pair of old shoes from fighting.

Weapons: A character exclusive bazooka. A flame effect element is inserted in the barrel mouth, four artillery shells, rocket launchers can be loaded into a police scene.

NOTE: ship date fourth quarter 2015.

** Prototype and final product may be slightly different, just better.
** Product details are subject to change without notice.

From what I can see, the tailoring looks amazing on this guy.  I think his head could maybe be slightly bigger along with the shoulders, and an alternate hand with a tentacle would be sweet as hell.  Regardless it looks pretty fantastic, and how often do we get decent Resident Evil figures?

Hot Toys has covered Resident Evil 4, 5, and possibly 6 if they release their latest reveals.  So this would be the first figure from Resident Evil 3!  If it does well maybe we could get a mini-skirt Jill to face off against it.

There are no preorders up yet, but I’ll be sure to follow up once I find something.


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  1. Love your mantle. I'm pretty sure that's some sort of deer. We raise goats, and it's not a goat! The horns, ears and face are all wrong for a goat, but spot on for some sort or deer!

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