Welovefine Vinylkins Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead Vinylkins Collection Up for Preorder!

There really hasn’t been that much in the way of Left 4 Dead action figures and toys.  Considering it is probably the next title Valve will release when Source 2 is all ironed out I find this to be a bit depressing.  Sure, NECA did the Boomer and Smoker.  But since their relationship with Valve fizzled out we’ve mostly been left in the cold.  Welovefine has now introduced a new mini-figure: the Vinylkin.  And their first effort will be none other than the Left 4 Dead franchise!

There is a catch though.  Similar to Kickstarter, these figures will need to reach a certain level of funding before going into production.  Now we can find out if the Left for Dead property really has the juice to move a line of vinyl figures.

Let’s take a look at the breakdown of what is included in the entire collection.  First we have the survivors: Zoey, Francis, Louis, and Bill.  If you order the set you also get a bonus figure of Gnome Chompski!

Welovefine Vinylkins Left 4 Dead Survivors

The infected: Witch, Hunter, Smoker, and Boomer.  Similar to the Survivors, if you order the entire set you get a bonus Gnome Zombski.

Welovefine Vinylkins Left 4 Dead Infected

There are also various little add-on kits including a weapons pack, generic infected, and a black Vinylkins body for customizing.  The line is a nice little effort.

Welovefine Vinylkins Left 4 Dead So as you can see from the control images each figure will be $20 unless you buy one of the packs.  There is no indicator, but I can only assume from the box art that these will be blind boxed if they see release.  I went in for the full collection set which looks to include both factions and a bonus chainsaw accessory.  I guess it is slightly misleading since the “Full Collection” does not include the generic infected.

Welovefine Vinylkins Left 4 Dead

Anyway, it looks like a fun little collection and I really love my mini figures so I’m all in.  I suppose we’ll see in the upcoming months or so if this actually takes off.  The site indicates that these should ship come December, so it’s a fairly quick turnaround.  Check out Welovefine if you are interested in ordering these.


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