Star Wars Black Six-Inch: The Force Awakens Exclusives Checklist

So we found out tonight from Hasbro that there will actually be a surprising amount of Star Wars: The Force Awakens exclusive figures specifically for the six-inch series.  I thought it would be best to compile a list, so that it’s easier to track down everything.  Mind you, I am sticking the the 6″ Star Wars Black series figures because I’d drive myself mad trying to list everything … there is just too much!

I believe most of these figures will be available by October, as that seems to be the trend with non-Force Friday releases right now.

Walgreens – Darth Vader (Emperor’s Wrath):

Walgreen’s version of Vader will have a translucent mask with a visible skull underneath, and on top of that a removable hand that is exclusive to this figure.

Kmart – Kylo Ren (Starkiller Base):

Yes, Kmart has an exclusive.  I’m sorry that you will have to go in there if you really want this, but collecting has never been an easy hobby.  This version of Kylo Ren will come with a snow base (most likely based on the trailer scene) and Kylo himself will have some snow deco up his boots.  The base will connect to a later to be released exclusive figure (most likely Finn with a snow base).

Toys ‘R’ Us – First Order Snowtrooper Officer:

I really don’t know what to say here … seems pretty self explanatory.  Preorders are supposed to go up September 6th, so keep checking Toys ‘R’ Us’ website.

Entertainment Earth – Imperial Troops 4-pack:

This pack is interesting as it has not just any Tie Pilot, but Lieutenant Oxixo … for all the Lt. Oxixo fans out there!  R2-Q5 astromech droid.  Crimson trooper, which makes the whole set in my opinion.  And finally a Sandtrooper Sergeant with the white pauldron.  This set is actually available for preorder now!  Thank you EE for being one of the only places with their preorder actually up tonight.

Amazon – Trooper Evolution 4-Pack:

You like 4-packs?  You better.  This one will include a Phase 1 Clone Trooper Commander, Phase II Clone Trooper, Imperial Stormtrooper, and a First Order Stormtrooper Officer.  It’s also up for preorder right now with a ship date of November 2015.  Have at it!

So that does it for our six-inch Star Wars Black exclusives.  Don’t forget the first and second wave of the Black Series is currently hitting stores, and I’ve seen evidence of both waves.  Good luck folks!


6 thoughts on “Star Wars Black Six-Inch: The Force Awakens Exclusives Checklist”

  1. A translucent head with skull underneath? Sold.
    Luckily, all the Walgreens exclusives have been pretty easy to find so far, thanks to their online stock check.

    1. Hello I am very interested in this figure and I’ve been looking for it in many Walgreen’s around the US also on the Walgreen’s website and it looks like it never existed!!!! Can you please help me out with some directions to this Walgreen’s online stock I’ll really appreciate it!! Thanks

  2. I found mine at as it did not come up on the walgreens site. Not sure if they have a different release date, just paid about $6 shipping though but well worth it for an exclusive. I searched and searched for the Prototype Bobba fett and never found it at the stores, finally picked one up for $30 at Star Wars Celebration.

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