Hasbro Reveals Fort Max and Much Much More …

This morning, Hasbro dropped a giant lump of Transformers reveals on us.  There is a lot to process, so I am mostly going to concentrate on their Combiner Wars, Generations, and Titans Return lines.  For the Titan scale first there was Metroplex, then Devastator, and finally we have Fortress Maximus!  Fortress Maximus will release in Fall 2016 and will be the first Titan Class figure in the Titans Return line.

But this isn’t it as far as Titan Scale figures are concerned!  Next Tuesday (November 24, 2015) fans will have the chance to vote for the 2017 Titan Class figure, and it will be like having to pick your favorite child, unfortunately.  The choices are: Scorponok, Trypticon, and Omega Supreme.

Hasbro Transformers Titan Returns Fan Vote

Personally, I want them all. But if I absolutely HAVE to choose one I’m going with Trypticon.  Voting will take place over at the Official Transformers Facebook page, and fans will have to vote in the comments section.

In addition to all of this we have a few new reveals for the 2016 Transformers Generations Titans Return (title is getting a little long there guys, don’t you think?) line.  First up is Leader Class Powermaster Optimus Prime.

The next G2 recolor from Combiner Wars is coming as well with the infamous Bruticus in his G2 color scheme.  Check out the combine form and box art:

Here are the individual bots:

And a Legends Class Shockwave:

Very exciting news for 2016 and 2017!  And I’m sure there is more to come, thanks Hasbro for providing the press images and news.


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