The Loyal Subjects Black Friday Action Vinyl Sale TMNT

The Loyal Subjects Black Friday 2015 Deals!

The Loyal Subjects will be hosting a giant Black Friday sale on their own site starting on Wed, November 25th at 11:59 PST.  This sale will see all in stock exclusive items on their site on sale at 40%.  On top of this they are premiering exclusives for their upcoming 2016 lines including Masters of the Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 2, and GI Joe Series 2!  You will be able to buy in early for these upcoming exclusives and get the factory price of 40% off!

The Loyal Subjects Black Friday Action Vinyl Sale

So let’s take a look at what will be up for preorder …

GI Joe Action Vinyl Wave 2 – Releases Spring 2016

Baroness (Blue Variant – 750 pcs)
Snake Eyes (GiTD Variant – 750 pcs)
Firefly (Polar Force Variant – 750 pcs)
Crimson Guard & Copperhead (Python Patrol – 750 pcs)

Masters of the Universe Action Vinyl – Releases Spring 2016

He-Man (GiTD Accessories – 750 pcs)
Skeletor (GiTD Accessories – 750 pcs)
Man-E-Faces (GiTD Variant – 750 pcs)
Triklops (GiTD Variant – 750 pcs)

TMNT Action Vinyl Wave 2 – Releases Spring 2016

Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael (GiTD Variants – 750 pcs)
Rocksteady and Bebop (GiTD Variants – 750 pcs)
Leatherhead and Slash (GiTD Variants – 750 pcs)

How to Train Your Dragon Action Vinyl – Releases Spring 2016

The Loyal Subjects Black Friday Action Vinyl SaleHiccup and Toothless (Racing Edition – 750 pcs)



3 thoughts on “The Loyal Subjects Black Friday 2015 Deals!”

  1. I already have all of the TMNT loyal subject figures I really need; however, I’m a sucker for glow-in-the-dark toys and ended up spending too much money.

      1. I saw the GITD hastings exclusive, and really wanted to get it, but couldn’t bring myself to get it since I already had those same figures in their regular colors.
        Since this 4 pack comes with the new head sculpts and monogrammed belts, that’s how I justified the purchase to myself.
        Since I was already buying the 4 pack, it only makes sense that I should have a GITD Slash and Leatherhead to face off with them. I mean, that would just be dumb to have GITD heroes and regular villains, right? Who would even want that!? 😛
        Then, since I was already spending the money on shipping, I might as well throw in a Skeletor that has a GITD face (which I would love to have in the classics line, btw).

        So all-in-all, that’s what I got, and just have to accept that I have issues.

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