Mattel Female Ghostbusters Six-Inch Line

Mattel: New Female Ghostbusters Six-Inch Figures Revealed

Paul Fieg let the cat out of the bag on Mattel’s six-inch line of action figures based off of the new female cast of GhostbustersIn a tweet he posted the picture above and mentioned that these are the six-inch Mattel prototypes, so he knows what they are which is kind of cool.  You can make your own decisions on how you like the figures.

Personally, they look on par with what Mattel churns out these days.  Just enough effort to make it recognizable.  The costumes look decent enough but the faces are caricatures at best.  I believe the Kristen Wiig head looks to be a reuse from the long defunct Mattel Avatar line.  If I have to be positive at least the bodies are all original sculpts?  So in a way they put a little more effort into this than they did the original movies!

I imagine we’ll be seeing these up close come Toy Fair next month, so stay tuned for more news then!


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