Hasbro Star Wars Black Ahsoka Tano Review

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch Ahsoka Tano Review

I’ve been out of the Hasbro Star Wars Black game for quite some time now.  I’d opted to focus my Star Wars collecting on the Bandai S.H. Figuarts line and have been quite content doing so.  However, I do occasionally dabble in the Black series because there are just some things I need to own.  I also doubt Bandai has any immediate plans for Rebels figures.  I’ll hedge my bets and gladly eat the twenty dollars this figure cost me to own a Figuarts version down the line.

Ahsoka is packaged in the “Force Awakens” red and black motif box, and is labeled as number twenty in the current series.  She’s packaged with her two lightsabers that feature the ability to remove their energy blades from the hilts.  The lightsaber’s hilts can also be stored on her hips, which is a nice touch.  The only problem I have with her weapons is that the plastic is really soft.  I’ve already warped one of the lightsaber blades attempting to reattach them.  I prefer sword-type weapons use harder plastics because nothing looks worse than a warped lightsaber.

I’m really happy with the overall sculpt and paint on Ahsoka.  They did a solid job tweaking the Rebels model to fit in with the more real-life Black Series aesthetic.  The articulation is about what I expected from a Black Series figure, however, she does have a really nice torso ball joint with great range.  She has swivel-hinges on both of her wrists, which help give her better lightsaber poses.  The only real defect I can see on the figure is that mine has a really loose right knee, so I have to carefully position her legs to prevent falling.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Ahsoka Tano Review

Her wave-mate, Luke Skywalker, has some of the worst executed soft goods I’ve seen in a while.  Thankfully, Ahsoka only has cloth on the underside of her skirt.  The inclusion of cloth may have made her hips slightly wider, but it also allows her to get into wider stances.

The paint is really nice on my figure!  The only part I see some smudging and bleeding is the blue on her montrals and head-tails.  Montrals?  Montrals are the hollow horns protruding from her head.  Apparently these horns also allow the Togruta to sense physical presence and movements around them.

I’m a sucker for the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  I was sold on Ahsoka since her announcement last year prior to the 2015 Star Wars Celebration event.  I have had my concerns about how deep the Star Wars Black six-inch series can go with character selection due to the very aggressive yearly movie schedule.  However, this year we will be getting Ahsoke Tano, Kanan Jarrus, and Sabine Wren from Rebel as well as Darth Revan.  So far the Expanded Universe is pretty well represented.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Ahsoka Tano Review

Ahsoka is currently shipping and theoretically can be found in a store, but I think you’d have better luck camping out Amazon and waiting on stock there.  She’s been going in and out of stock the past couple weeks, so if you have a quick “1-Click” purchase finger she’s as good as yours!  Those 2:00 AM text alerts totally paid off and I’m now the proud owner of both Ahsoka and Kanan!


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