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Marvel Legends Falcon and Winter Soldier Previewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

If you were watching Jimmy Kimmel Live last night he had Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, and Paul Rudd in to promote Captain America: Civil War.  Among other discussion it looks as though Hasbro provided Jimmy with some samples of upcoming Marvel Legends of the four guys on the show.  We finally get a good look at what I can only assume is a production sample of the Walmart exclusive Falcon and Winter Soldier from Civil War.  The toy stuff starts at 3:04 on the clip, but the whole thing is worth a watch if you are interested in the movie.

We’ve actually done a review of the Captain America shown off, and you can feel free to check it out here!



2 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Falcon and Winter Soldier Previewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

  1. Sebastian Stan* was on Jimmy Kimmel. However, I will pay a high ticket price to see any movie with Chris Claremont era Sebastian Shaw from the Hellfire club. Maybe a buddy comedy with Paul Rudd.

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