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NECA Alien Day Reveal Rundown

While NECA made their Kenner version of Ripley available online, and in the Toys ‘R’ Us and Hastings stores that remembered the occasion, they also had a handful of fun Alien related reveals for April 26!  First off, early in the morning the actress that played Newt in Aliens, Carrie Henn, revealed the first ever action figure of her character via her twitter account:

Newt looks great and comes with a solid set of accessories.  It was also mentioned that she would be a San Diego Comic Convention exclusive for 2016.  I know that sounds scary, but every year NECA makes these figures available to the fans that want them.  So I wouldn’t worry too much about getting her.

I’d imagine we’ll see her packed with something down the line as well.  I doubt they built an all new sculpt for a SDCC only figure.  Check out the gallery below of all the Newt images we have thus far:

Next up is Private First Class Jenette Vasquez!  We knew it was coming, and NECA gave us some teasers of what she will look like.  In addition to Vasquez’s teasers, it was also mentioned that she isn’t the only marine that will be coming this year.  Who could the other be?  Frost?  Drake?  John Cena?

Check out the gallery of what we have so far on Vasquez:

EDIT: 4/28/2016 – Here’s a full reveal of Vasquez from Jenette Goldstein –

By the way, if you are still on the search for a Kenner Ripley, be aware most Toys ‘R’ Us will be getting their stock in the next week or so.  If you don’t feel like driving around then order from Hastings … I did, it’s easier!  Toys ‘R’ Us’ online store is currently sold out, but here is the link in case it comes back into stock.


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