Kaiyodo Revoltech Deadpool

Kaiyodo Revoltech Deadpool Incoming!

It appears we are starting to see what came of Marvel’s Netflix and more specifically Deadpool licensing agreement announced last year.  Kaiyodo has announced a Revoltech Deadpool out of no where, blindsiding little old me who was anxiously awaiting the Figma one announced last year!  Of course, Revoltech is always a dicey situation.  They could be absurdly expensive like the Nick Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or they could be really great like the Vulcanlog Venom Snake from Metal Gear Solid V.  With Revoltech, at least in my opinion, it’s best to wait and see how the final product turns out.

I give that advice, but then again those amazing swappable eye plates!  Come on now, heart eyes?  That’s fantastic and breaks my resolve quite a bit.  It helps that the Marvel Legends Deadpool should be out next month, which should ease my Deadpool action figure fever.  But still, those eye plates are fantastic!

No price or release date info has been released as of yet.  However, they have also hinted at a Spider-Man and Venom via the silhouette in the promo imagery.  This could be an exciting time for comic fans looking for an alternative to Marvel Legends!


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