3A Bethesda Doom Marine 1/6 Scale Figure

3A and Bethesda Reveal 1/6 Scale Doom Marine!

I was just sitting around the other day pondering why we haven’t gotten a good Doom Marine action figure. Doom is probably one of the top five most influential games ever made, yet the Doom guy just doesn’t get those sick merchandising deals some other franchises get. That all changes now as 3A has hooked up with Bethesda to provide us with our first ever 1/6 scale Doom Marine!

3A Bethesda Doom Marine 1/6 Scale Figure

Coinciding with Quake Con, we are here to announce that the Doom Marine goes on sale TODAY at Bethesda’s online store and later today at 3A’s own Bambaland Store. Purchases from either of these outlets will include an exclusive chainsaw accessory! The figure is prices at $260 and includes the Doom Marine in his Praetor Suit, a plasma rifle, super shotgun, combat shotgun, and the chainsaw.

Bethesda x id Software x ThreeA
1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

August 4th, 2016 QUAKECON®
Bethesda, id Software, and ThreeA proudly unveil THE DOOM MARINE, the highly anticipated 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure from the critically acclaimed game, DOOM®.

Standing over 13-inches tall, The Doom Marine figure features full range of articulation an accurately detailed Praetor Suit, a selection of interchangeable hands, and is armed with deadly weaponry perfect for slaughtering hordes of demons – including the fan favorite Super Shotgun.

The Bambaland.com and Bethesda Store Editions exclusively include the absolutely destructive Chainsaw.


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