Bandai Figuarts Rogue One Star Wars Lineup

Bandai Reveals Figuarts Star Wars Rogue One Lineup, Han Solo, and More!

Bandai has just revealed their Star Wars lineup through February of 2017. This lineup includes figures from the original trilogy, Episode 7, and this year’s upcoming movie, “Rogue One.” As has been the trend there are a whole bunch of troopers included. So let’s go ahead and take a look at what we’ll see starting in December:

December 2016: K2SO, Stormtrooper, and Deathtrooper (All Rogue One).

January 2017: Scarif Trooper and Hover Tank Driver (All Rogue One).

February 2017: Han Solo (A New Hope) and Kylo Ren (The Force Awakens).

So we finally have a release date on that gorgeous Han Solo! Other items of note is that they appear to be avoiding the female leads of the last two Star Wars movies: Jyn Erso from Rogue One and Rey from The Force Awakens. Not that I’m calling for any kind of social outrage, I just think they’d nail them if given the opportunity. However, I understand that people really want Han and every variation of Obi Wan.

I’m interested to see what Kylo Ren comes with. I’m a little angry at myself that I will absolutely buy this new version just to get an unmasked head. I hope at least he has a few cool accessories to make it worth dropping another $50 or so on him.


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