Super7: Masters of the Universe Announcement November 17th

Super7 has reached out to all Mattycollector subscribers this morning via Mattel’s email list. They wanted to let us all know to save the date for November 17th, 2016 as there will be some type of announcement. I’d assume this is either going to be preorders for their 2017 Masters of the Universe Classics line, or at least a communication of what their plans will be. As we covered from my talk with Brian Flynn from New York Comic Convention, it looks as though they have their lineups set and should begin taking preorders this month.

It’ll be interesting to see! Here is the email from Super7, in case you missed it:

Hello Masters of the Universe Friends and Fans!

You are receiving this message as a member of the existing Matty Collector e-mail list.

As you may be aware, Super7 will be responsible for Masters of the Universe on behalf of our friends at Mattel starting on January 1st, 2017. With that said, Super7 will begin that transition this November and will begin pre-sales for our new M.O.T.U. releases very soon. To keep you up to date on all things M.O.T.U. we will be providing updates and announcements via this e-mail list as well as the Super7 e-mail list and social media channels.To make sure that nothing is missed, and to show you some of the other top secret projects we have coming up, we encourage you to join the main Super7 e-mail list.

To join, please enter your e-mail in the sign up field at the bottom of this page: Super7 HQ.

In the meantime, it is nice to finally meet you all and we look forward to having some great fun with you in the coming years!

By the Power of Grayskull!
– The Super7 Crew


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