Marvel Legends 2017 Black Panther Comic Based

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Comic-Based Black Panther Images Appear!

An interesting listing was found on Toywiz’s web store today. Black Panther isn’t really news, but this was a comic-based Black Panther with additional accessories in a current Marvel Legends box. I don’t believe we’ve seen this before?

The figure looks to be the Rocket Raccoon build-a-figure version of Black Panther with a cape, necklace, new hands, and a re-purposed Kraven spear. There is no marking in the top-right corner to indicate if it is part of a build-a-figure wave. Regardless, these look to be official pictures and the listing on Toywiz currently shows it as sold out. It’s possible they tipped their hand to an exclusive?

I’ve reached out to Toywiz to see if they had any additional information. I will update if I hear back.


2 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Comic-Based Black Panther Images Appear!”

  1. This figure looks pretty cool. I love that he comes with a cape and interchangeable hands. But I’m still on the fence on whether to actually buy this though since I’m okay with my Rocket Raccoon wave Black Panther figure.

    1. The real advantage here is that this one looks completely black, instead of blue like the RR wave’s. That and it isn’t like $50 on the aftermarket.

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